Are you suffering from spine problems and searching for the best spine hospital in Jaipur that can provide quality treatment for multiple spine disorders? Spinal problems can be identified as the conditions that result in the potential damage of the spinal cord and can lead to full or partial body paralysis. The prime cause of such spinal problems is the spinal injury, trauma or any disease or disorder that occurs in the different regions of the spine such as the cervical spine and the thoracic spine. The spine or the backbone is made up of vertebrae that protects it and helps in maintaining the right body posture. Spinal problems result in the change of the spine structure due to significant damage to the vertebrae and surrounding tissue.

The spinal diseases can be the cause of extreme pain and this happens when excessive pressure is put on the spinal cord and the nerves. The best spine hospital in Jaipur not only treats common spinal injuries but also provides treatment for spinal infections, tumors, along with specific conditions such as scoliosis, ankylosing spondylitis, significant changes in the bone that occur as the age advances, for example, herniated disks and spinal stenosis. Moreover, the pain that is caused in the cervical and lumbar region of the spine is one of the commonly found types of spinal pain and requires proper treatment by spine specialists. Sprains and muscle strains also affect spine health and are the key reason for lower back pain.

Our neurologists and spine specialists provide specialized treatment for specific regions of the spine such as the lumbar and cervical spine. This is because these regions of the spine are essentially used for weight-bearing and help in making important body movements such as bending and twisting. Sometimes due to abnormal stretching of the muscle fibers or any sudden injury or constant overuse, the lumbar muscle strains lead to wear and tear of the muscles.

Get your spine problems treated at the best spine hospital in Jaipur

The treatment for spine problems at the best spine hospital in Jaipur is based on the symptoms that are showcased by the patient. Following are some of the symptoms of spine disease and disorders:

  • Muscle stiffness in the low back area that limits the person’s movement
  • Pain that lasts for more than ten days
  • Normal posture cannot be maintained due to muscle stiffness
  • Generation of muscle spasms
  • Loss of motor function

The spinal pain generally arises into arms, legs and specifically around the rib cage from backward and proceeds towards the anterior of the chest. The sprain in the lumbar region causes inflammation of the soft spinal tissues which results in causing extreme pain and muscle spasms. Apart from this, herniated discs are one of the major problems that are faced by people suffering from spinal injuries. The herniated disc causes pressure on the spinal nerves and the patient might experience extreme pain in the cervical, lumbar and thoracic region. As a result, patients experience weakness, pain, and numbness in the affected areas, particularly where the nerve travels.

Although several surgical treatments are available to overcome spine problems and diseases, our neurologist believes that physical therapy should be recommended to the patients in the initial stages of the spinal diseases. The various therapies that can be provided to the patients range from gentle massage of the back, stretching exercise, pelvic traction, electric muscle stimulation along with ice and heat therapy. Apart from this, the different types of spinal surgery performed are aimed to provide relief to the patient. The surgery includes artificial disc surgery or disc arthroplasty, Cervical Discectomy, Lumbar Discectomy, spinal fusion, Laminectomy, and Laminotomy.

The neurosurgeons at the best spine hospital in Jaipur post-surgery recovery emphasize proper rest, pain medication and exercise to enhance the mobility of the spine. The patients are also advised to have a routine check-up especially after two to three months after the surgery so that the right time to return to normal activities such as driving, exercising and such other activities without much discomfort and pain. Thus, to ensure optimum spine health, it is recommended that individuals should maintain a good posture so that less pressure is exerted on the spinal cord.