Muscle dystrophy treatment in Jaipur involves the management of the disease symptoms to slow down the progression of the problem further. Muscle dystrophy can be recognized as a group of genetic disorders that leads to degeneration of the muscle mass and subsequent damaging and weakening of the muscle in the long run. The problem occurs due to the absence of protein such as dystrophin that is useful for the proper functioning of the muscles. A person suffering from this disorder can experience potential difficulties in normal body movements such as swallowing, walking as well as proper coordination of the muscles. Genetic mutations affect protein production that adversely impacts the process of building and maintaining healthy body muscles. One of the important facts about the disease is that there is no permanent treatment available and only certain types of medicines and medical therapies can be used for reducing the problem.

The treatment for muscle dystrophy in Jaipur is primarily based on the type of the diseases and the severity of the condition which determines the effects of the disease. Thus, the effects can be mild and might develop slowly over a period of years leading to a moderate degree of disability. The more severe condition can be life-threatening and fatal. The major types of muscle dystrophy disorders include Becker, Congenital, Myotonic, and Duchenne muscular dystrophy. Among all these, the Duchenne muscular dystrophy is considered as the most widely found form of illness. Thus, our expert neuro specialists, neurosurgeons, and neurologists pay special attention to patients suffering from genetic diseases such as muscle dystrophy by providing them quality treatment.

Identifying the early signs and symptoms of the problem can ensure proper diagnosis and treatment of the problem. The symptoms primarily include difficulty in walking and standing, thinning of bones and muscles, loss of reflexes, poor body posture, breathing problems, learning disabilities, delayed growth, pain and stiffness in muscles.

How top neurologists provide muscle dystrophy treatment in Jaipur for better life quality

Muscle dystrophy cannot be permanently treated and therefore, in the muscle dystrophy treatment in Jaipur, we have a special emphasis on different types of therapies and supporting devices that can improve the life quality to a certain extent which enhances the life span of the patients. Low-impact aerobic activities, for example, swimming and walking are considered best for the patients as they contribute to building overall mobility, strength, and health of the patient. Apart from this, stretching and range-of-motion exercises are recommended as they help in improving the movement and flexibility of the joint and surrounding muscles. Limbs affected by this disease draw inward permanently leading to bad posture. Thus, stretching exercises can enhance movement in the limbs for greater comfort.

In addition to this, patients with severe conditions of muscle dystrophy are provided with mobility aid support such as wheelchair, canes, and walkers. This helps the patients to improve their movement and they can freely perform the routine core activities. If the disease has affected the spinal cord, then our neurologists can also suggest surgical procedures that are undertaken to correct the contractures and curvature of the spine. But such surgery can pose greater difficulty in breathing and further, heart problems can also arise in the future. Thus, heart function can be enhanced by using cardiac equipment such as a pacemaker that improves the functioning of the heart. Although the patient cannot be recovered completely, all these measures along with various therapies can significantly extend the time of the affected person as the functioning of the heart and lung muscles.

The Muscle dystrophy treatment in Jaipur is a comprehensive treatment approach which involves the care for the patients throughout their life. Moreover, our team of experts includes neurologists who have exceptional expertise in treating a wide range of neuromuscular disorders. The therapists such as speech and occupational therapists along with physicians are equally important for providing successful treatment to the patients. In addition to this, the best treatment is the combination of proper medication, therapy strategy, and surgical procedures in case of severe conditions. Furthermore, treatment can be catered to specific patient’s requirements as the positive results are observed in the patient and as the disease progresses.