Best stroke treatment in Jaipur is possible under the guidance and supervision of expert neurologists who analyzes and evaluates the patient’s conditions and suggest the most appropriate treatment for stroke. One of the leading causes of death, a stroke can be identified as the condition of the brain in which potential blood supply to the brain is restricted and often results in medical emergencies that require immediate treatment to remove the blockage. Moreover, due to blockage, lack of oxygen occurs which leads to the death of the brain cells. The treatment of stroke depends on the type of stroke from which the patient has affected i.e. Ischemic stroke and hemorrhagic stroke.

One of the commonly found types of stroke, Ischemic stroke results in narrowing or blockage of the blood vessels of the brain which leads to decreased blood flow. This is mainly caused due to deposition of fatty substances in the blood vessels along with blood clots that travel in the bloodstream and gets stuck in the brain leading to brain attack. On the other hand, Hemorrhagic stroke is often caused due to the rupturing of the blood vessel in the brain. The neurologists who offer stroke treatment in Jaipur emphasize on treating chronic conditions such as uncontrolled high blood pressure, overuse of blood thinners along with trauma, and deposition of protein in the walls of the blood vessels.

Several risk factors are associated with strokes such as advancing age, smoking, high blood pressure level, diabetes, high cholesterol, and excessive stress levels. Moreover, certain types of lifestyle-based risk factors can also lead to stroke such as being overweight, excessive intake of alcohol along with lack of physical activities. We have a team of highly experienced and skilled healthcare professionals such as neurologists and neurosurgeons who provide optimum brain and neuro care to critically ill patients.

Get the best stroke treatment in Jaipur by the team of qualified neurologists and neurosurgeons

The symptoms play an important role in providing quality treatment for stroke in Jaipur, as they indicate the specific part of the brain that is affected due to stroke and in which the blood supply has been stopped. The patient may showcase symptoms such as loss of consciousness or confusion, numbness in a specific part of the body, vertigo, difficulty in balancing the body, speech and understanding, partial vision loss, muscle weakness, full or half body paralysis, and double vision. Although the patients suffering from ischemic and hemorrhagic stroke may show similar symptoms but in hemorrhagic stroke, other symptoms are also observed such as vomiting and headache.

Neurologists recommend adopting a healthy lifestyle to prevent the chances of occurrence of stroke. This includes measures such as quitting smoking and reducing consumption of alcohol to the lowest level and finally stopping it. Apart from this, having regular health checkups can reveal potential symptoms as the complete physical body examination is done. Our neurologists also suggest that maintaining a healthy body weight can also positively contribute to avoiding the risk of stroke. This is important because obesity increases the risk of stroke as it is the source point from where other health and lifestyle problems might arise such as diabetes and hypertension. In addition to this, the rehabilitation process is one of the most important aspects during the recovery phase of the stroke treatment. Several therapies are recommended that not only helps in stabilizing the patient’s condition but also results in small improvements in the existing condition of the patient.

The stroke adversely affects the functioning of the brain. Although medicines are continued for a long time, stroke recovery also depends on the different therapies such as speech therapy, physical therapy, cognitive therapy, and therapy to improve sensory and motor skills which form an important part of the stroke treatment in Jaipur. The therapy is recommended to the patient after examining and evaluating the part of the brain that is affected. Thus, language and speaking problems can be solved through speech therapy while if the part of the brain that is responsible for reasoning and thinking is affected, the cognitive therapy is given to the patients so they can regain their intellectual and thinking skills.